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MAGNESIUM MALATE 500 mg NutraMedix Kapseln 120 Stück PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Magnesium is an essential mineral - needed for normal functioning of the nervous system function, to build healthy bones and teeth and for normal muscle function. Magnesium also helps to maintain hormonal balance and may protect brain function. Malic Acid - the other active ingredient in Nutramedix Magnesium Malate, is a naturally occurring organic acid that is found in apples and many other fruits and vegetables, and is sometimes referred to as 'apple acid.'Malic acid is needed for proper functioning of energy cycle. Magnesium also supports energy metabolism. DIRECTIONS OF USE Take 2 capsules per day, before food, or as recommended by your practitioner. INGREDIENTS Magnesium Malate 500mg. Providing Magnesium (as Dimagnesium Malate) 100mg, Malic acid, Magnesium stearate. Capsule shell: hypromellose & water. VEGETARIAN/VEGAN Yes PRODUCT FEATURES • Muscle relaxant • Mild laxative • Antioxidant • Anti-diabetic • Analgesic Einnahmeempfehlung: 2 x täglich 2 Kapseln vor den Mahlzeiten. Nicht während Schwangerschaft und Stillzeit anwenden. Beim Auftreten von Nebenwirkungen die Einnahme beenden. Inhaltsstoffe: Magnesium Malate 100 mg pro Kapsel

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